Vibæk Mølle, Høruphav, Leica SL 75mm, Gendarmstien
Vibæk Mølle, Gedndarmstien, Leica SL 75mm,
Vibæk Mølle, Gendarmstien, Leica SL 2.0 75mm



Vibæk Mølle near Sønderborg meets Leica SL 2.0 75mm

We present the small open-air museum Vibæk Mølle near Høruphav near Sønderborg. The mill farm Vibæk Mølle is located at the eastern end of the Gendarmstien. We got it on one of the action days with the fixed focal length Leica SL 2.0 75mm asph. portrayed.

The small mill village Vibæk Mølle is freely accessible all year round and is open during the summer months. Vibæk Mølle is the only preserved watermill, of which numerous mills shaped the area until around 60 years ago.

Even today, the area around Vibæk Mølle is characterized by agriculture. The main sources of income are still cattle farming and grain cultivation.

In the days of the Vibæk Mølle mill, barley was even used to brew beer on their own farm.

Vibæk Mølle was a self-sufficient farm. In addition to the watermill and the windmill that was added later, there was a large workshop, a small bakery, barns for the carriages and stables for the animals. The ground grain was brought down a few hundred meters to the landing stage at the time, from there to Sønderborg, for example.

Vibæk Vandmølle, Vibek Wassermühle, Gendarmstien
Vibæk Mølle, Gedndarmstien, Leica SL 75mm,

On action days you get a good feeling for what life must have been like on a farm like Vibæk Mølle over the past three hundred years. As romantic as it all seems today, the work was hard and expendable. But that didn’t necessarily make people more unhappy.

On the days of action at Vibæk Mølle, classic agricultural implements from a bygone era come along, which still capture you as if you were a little boy. Portraying the vintage tractors with the Leica SL 2.0 75mm lens is particularly fun. With this lens, you can take subtle dynamic shots that convey both movement and the stoic calm of an old tractor. Whenever possible, I take photos with the Leica SL 2.0 75mm with the aperture open in order to use the unique sharpness, more precisely the contrast, for emotional shots.

We have described the Vibæk Mølle in detail. With all their functions, their history and their special features. There are also links to the official website of the  Vibæk Mølle here…