The tourism manager of the future: Grandma Erna

It is probably one of the quotes of the former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, when he spoke of the collective amusement park. Although he was violently contradicted, but somehow holiday country with its booming tourism is hardly anything like a gigantic amusement park.

In Schleswig-Holstein alone (northernmost Germany) more than 150,000 people work in tourism. At this point we do not want to talk about the many badly paid jobs with correspondingly low income tax revenue, not even about the many people who can not afford a dwelling or even a small house due to successful tourism.

We could think a lot more about how to distribute and promote tourism in a fairer and more sustainable way. Because tourism is only a sales factor in soul-dead people. In the heart of lived hospitality, tourism is openness, love for people and their own home.

In a sustainable tourism, private hosts need to be strengthened and investors forced back, subsidies must benefit from fair paid jobs, family friendliness and ecology.

But let’s face it, politicians prefer to attend the parties of the greats and do without a coffee party with grandma Erna. In doing so, they would learn much more about tourism at Granny Erna than with the money-fixated shareholders. But above all, Granny Erna’s money is also used to support the infrastructure and pay taxes, while the investors come out with a very low tax share, the large platforms as agents of flights and lodgings get off scot-free.

Now we can get excited about it and we will not change it. Or we take our luck into our own hands and market ourselves.

The first step is a good picture. A picture, which makes you feel like a temporary home, the environment, the apartment, the landscape, the nature. Of course you can only show what is available. In the apartment you can really make an effort and liberate them from the stuff you do not want to have at home. Also, you may give the apartment or the guest room an issue in which the tourist finds his dreams again.

A beautiful uniform and calm overall picture contributes to the well-being. Overall concepts of hotels not even included.

Great potential lies in the regions, which so far have felt little of the booming holiday and leisure market.

Ultimately, behind everything but the person who you met on the phone or in the e-mail and later at the front door. In our example, it is the warmth of Grandma Erna that makes a holiday a real encounter. And the holidaymaker, who can hardly dive more authentic in the region than just in such an encounter.

Let’s go for a holiday, right here, where Fox and Rabbit say goodnight. Because, where else is that? At least not at the crowded collective amusement parks.

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