Ringvassøya – the unknown paradise for anglers and hikers

Troms, Ringvassøya, Ringvasselva, Ringvassholmen, Ringvannet, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph., Kodak Ektar 100

How many times have I wished to travel to Tromsø. There is no way around this year. And so, in addition to Tromsø, we discover the numerous islands that surround this wonderful city.

Ringvassøya – the sixth largest island in Norway

Ringvassøya is a small paradise northwest of Tromsø, which the locals like to keep to themselves. Ringvassøya is the sixth largest island in Norway. We took a closer look at the area around Tromsø and discovered one or two idyllic spots for us.

Ringvassøy in Karlsøy / Tromsø from the Norwegian Mapping Agency. NLOD (Norwegian public data license)

Tromsø is great. This city is undisputedly my favorite metropolis. Now you know. But as quickly as you can get to this city from a lonely nature, you will be back in a relaxed and secluded landscape. And this is divided into numerous smaller and larger islands on this coast. And so we come to a small fishing and hiking area on the island of Ringvassøya, just 30 kilometers from Tromsø city center.

In the east, Ringvassøya is very mountainous and the highest point is the Solltinden at 1051 meters. Even in summer, such peaks are white here. Until the 18th century, the name of the island was still “cattle”, which stands for mountain ridge or mountain range and can be translated as “island with rocks”.

Troms, Ringvassøya, Ringvasselva, Ringvassholmen, Ringvannet, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph. Kodak Ektar

Troms, Ringvassøya, Ringvasselva, Ringvannet, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph. Kodak Ektar | © mare.photo

In the middle of the island is the largest of the numerous lakes, the Skogsfjordvatnet. From Tromsø we come through the small Kvalsund tunnel to the island of Ringvassøya and then drive along the narrow coastal road, always along the water. Again and again we come across small and large settlements. After all, around 1,300 people live on the 656 km² island of Ringvassøya. However, the way to Tromsø is very relaxed.

There are also connections to the other islands. There, car ferries take people from Hansnes in the northeast to Vannøya, Karlsøya and Reinøya, and from Mikkelvik to Rebbenesøya in the northwest of the island.

Troms, Ringvassøya, Ringvasselva, Ringvassholmen, Ringvannet, VW T6 California Beach 110 KW TDI 4Motion, rot

Troms, Ringvassøya, Ringvassholmen, VW T6 California Beach 110 KW TDI 4Motion, | © mare.photo

Everywhere along the romantic coastal road we discover stopping bays to hike or rest from here. But above all anglers have discovered Ringvassøya for themselves and call the island a secret halibut island. Such fish weighing 170 kg have already been fished here. Salmon are also preferred here. Word of the fish abundance has also got around in the animal kingdom, so killer whales come along here again and again during the herring season at the turn of the year. During this time, it is quite impossible not to see whales around Tromsø.

This time we only spent two days on Ringvassøya, but this island is scheduled for our next visit to Tromsø. Maybe even in winter.

To the photo on Ringvassøya

When I stopped at Ringvassøya, I discovered the stream and the small house below a steep, overgrown slope. I quickly knew how I wanted to capture this place. But in the evening the lighting conditions and the weather were not what I imagined. The next morning the mountains were illuminated by the sun and the water was illuminated. So I climbed to this position a few times, looked for a firm hold between the large stones and looked for a camera position as close as possible to the water. I took the cover picture of Ringvassøya with 28mm (small picture, full format)

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