Pippi Longstocking + The Villa Kunterbunt (Villa Villekulla) and the Kodak Ektar

Villa Kunterbunt-Villakulla-Pippi Langstrumpf - Kodak Ektar | © mare.photo

Pippi Longstocking should have the same name as the Bible. In the children’s dreams, most children probably want a house like Pipis Villa Kunterbunt (Villekulla). What few people know. The villa Kunterbunt / Villakulla there really. We visited them on Gotland, took a picture with the Kodak Ektar and researched the story.

Pippi Longstocking and the Villa Kunterbunt (Villekulla), as colorful as the Kodak Ektar

Today we are here, about three kilometers south of the gates of Visby on Gotland. At the entrance gate of the amusement park in Kneippbyen I am expected. Today I can get acquainted with the story around Villa Kunterbunt / Ville Villakulla and look at the original house. As colorful as Villa Kunterbunt is, I will photograph it with the Kodak Ektar, as analog and colorful as the films by Pipi Longstocking.

We’ve been to Gotland for some time now, portraying this Swedish island in black and white with the Kodak Tri X 400, sometimes in color with the fine-grained Kodak Ektar. The Villa Kunterbunt is as the name implies colorful and cheerful, so there is no question to capture this happiness with the colorful Kodak Ektar.

The place of the Kneippbyen Resort, where I am allowed to be a guest today, is actually named after Pastor Kneipp, so there are two attractions here with the Villa Kunterbunt / Villekulla, which invite you to visit Kneippbyen.

But now we are here and I am led by the lively amusement park Kneipbyen, it can not wait to meet the Villa Kunterbunt / Villekulla surrounded by cheerful childish cry, the many attractions and water features. Actually, I wanted to photograph the Villa Kunterbunt outside of the opening hours, but it lacks on this tour for just time.

But now I’m right in the middle of it, in the amusement park Kneippbyen Resort and in front of me is the Villa Kunterbunt. The weather could hardly be better, the sky is bright blue and the sun brings all the cheerful colors of Villa Kunterbunt to light.

The Kodak Ektar I have long inserted in my analogue Leica M, as optics I take the classic Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph. Again and again I circle the Villa Kunterbunt / Villekulla, but soon it will be the backdrop for one of the numerous theater performances in the Kneippbyen Resort. It takes a while to find the right perspective, which will ban a section of the analog Kodak Ektar from this historic building, which was actually already demolished.

The history of Villa Kunterbunt / Villekulla – as colorful as the Kodak Ektar

On Gotland numerous sequences were shot to Pippi Longstocking. But it was missing a suitable home for the cheeky and strong redhead. Nearby, a small house was discovered on the firing range of an armored regiment, serving as a dwelling for the responsible steward. The film crew was impressed and was allowed to use this house. Now it got its colorful colors, also the turrets were added. The surroundings were perfect for a wild garden. There was the dandelion meadow with the old fruit trees and the thick lemonade tree. But this was first eroded and so Pippi Longstocking could climb in and hold out the arm of the mannequin or distribute lemonade.

The interior of Villa Kunterbunt / Villekulla was not suitable for filming. The rooms were much too narrow and so they produced the interior shots of Pippi Longstocking in the famous filmstore in Solna near Stockholm.

But suddenly, the Swedish military wanted to increase its shooting range in the late 1960s. The West was in the Cold War with Russia and Gotland is still strategically important in the Baltic Sea region. For the extension, the Villa Kunterbunt stood in the way. It was planned to demolish the villa Kunterbunt / Villekulla. Now, the film producers had a real problem, because the episode Pippi out of whack and tape had yet to be filmed. They were looking for someone to buy and sell Villa Kunterbunt for Pippi Longstocking to film.

In the neighborhood of the military area there was a small campsite. that belonged Einar Nyberg. This man had the vision that the Villa Kunterbunt / Villekulla could someday be a real attraction. So he bought in December 1969, the Villa Kunterbunt for 53,000 Swedish kroner, was a year later, 1970, the Villa Kunterbunt of Pippi Longstocking with heavy crawler excavators on a huge sled about two kilometers on

Already in May 1970, the last filming for Pippi could be produced out of hand. But you will not find a garden around Villa Kunterbunt anymore.

Over the years, the amusement park Kneippbyn, Pippi Langstrump’s home has long been the magnet for all who would have loved in their lives the Pippi Longstocking so much. But in our hearts we meet them and we will tell our children and their children.

At that time, the films of Pipi Longstocking were created with one of the most colorful films. And so we decide for an analog cinema film that is currently used – the Kodak Ektar. And just as we owe the Villa Kunterbunt to the film adaptation of Pippi Longstocking, there is today the analogue and color intensive fine-grained Kodak Ektar in photography, because Hollywood has committed to the purchase of Kodak Ektar for film production.

We have books at home with footage of film production and their color characteristics are very similar to those of the Kodak Ektar. But just that the Kodak Ektar today as a color film with the highest resolution of its class belongs.

The Kodak Ektar and the cheerful colors of Villa Kunterbunt / Villekulla

When shooting outdoors, I was able to catch a deep blue of the sky thanks to the Kodak Ektar through the direction and the sun, which would otherwise have only been achieved with a polarizing filter. The Kodak Ektar reproduces the colors of Villa Kunterbunt / Villekulla identically, other films would possibly slightly reduce the colors.

If you want to intensify the colors a bit, you should expose the Kodak Ektar with 80 ASA, without adapting the development. However, the actual sensitivity of the Kodak Ektar is 100 ASA, so it is ideal for outdoor shooting in summer.

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