Berlebach Ministativ mit Nivelierung, Holzstativ

Berlebach mini tripod - review

The Berlebach mini tripod with and without leveling has been on the market for around 20 years. We have been using it on our tours for more than 10 years. It is still our most popular tripod. We present it and describe why a real wooden tripod does not belong to the old iron / old wood in everyday photography ...

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Konzerthaus Hamburg, Elbe Hamburg, Leica M Summilux 1.4 50 asph., Kodak Tmax 100 | ©

Gray is only one color - Kodak Tmax 100 in Hamburg Speicherstadt

Regelmäßig sind wir in der durchaus grauen Stadt Hamburg.Dort, wo Hans Albers berühmt wurde mit seinen Scharz-Weiß-Filmen. Wir haben den feinen analogen Kodak Tmax 100 genommen und damit an einem grauen Tag ein paar Momente eingefangen.

Stensjö By Smaland, Kodak Tri X, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 135mm

Stensjö By - analog with the Kodak Tri X and 135mm focal length

When we visited one of the filming locations of “We Children from Bullerby” in Stensjö By, we only took pictures with a focal length of 135mm on the classic black and white film Kodak Tri X. The best conditions to capture the past time in the pictures ...

Kinder, Kodak Tmax 400, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph.

No pictures of children on the net - child protection against self-interest

Everyone has the right to their own picture. Also our children and those of others. And equally. Anyone who publishes pictures of children anywhere on the Internet can be sure that they no longer have control over them.

ehemaliger deutscher U-Boot-bunker in Trondheim | ©

Which camera suits me?

Which camera is right for me? Forums, tests and magazines want to make us know they know. And if you believe their lines without having found out which one is the right one, you have missed one thing: to develop yourself. How should a picture develop there?

Polizeifahrzeuge in Schleswig-Holstein | ©

Picture my opinion

The opinion of the author is only an assumed one. You just think that you think. In reality, you are the victim of your socio-cultural determinism.

The report

Right in the middle instead of just there

Erstes Lazarett des Internationalen Roten Kreuzes in Oeversee | ©

Right in the middle instead of just being there: the report

There are different ways to describe the place with its people and animals. The most boring form is the documentation, the most exciting the report. But what is the story about? Is it still up to date?

Grimeton Sverige, Langwellen, Kodak Tri X, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph.

6114 kilometers and not a mountain - the Grimeton radio station

We visit the only remaining machine transmitter / long wave transmitter in the world, the Grimeton radio station. Once there were 17 identical systems around the world. Today the radio station reminds of the basics of worldwide communication and explains why the Grimeton radio station was built in this wasteland. We approach the long-wave transmitter with also classic media tools: the legendary Leica M reportage camera and the equally classic reportage film, the Kodak Tri X.

Grimeton Sverige, Langwellen, Kodak Tri X, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph.

Grimeton radio station and the alternator: this is how long waves are created

Who still remembers the radios with their broadband reception, the transistors and the pointer that turns one of the round buttons to the right frequency and, depending on the choice, gets one of the worldwide stations? Before doing this, you had to press a button for ultra short wave, medium wave or long wave. How these waves are created is what I think about for the first time in the Grimeton radio station in Sweden, in the only remaining machine transmitter in the world.

Grimeton Sverige, Langwellen, Kodak Tri X, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph.

Long wave transmitter Sweden - The Grimeton radio station

Whether long-wave transmitter Grimeton or longest-wave transmitter Grimeton, we visited and portrayed the Grimeton radio station, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sweden. In doing so, we got to the bottom of the history of the long-wave transmitter Grimeton and here we describe a sight that is unique in the world and that you would not necessarily expect to be in Sweden.

The portrait

Advertoriels and stories

Falu Röd Färg, Falun rot, Kupfermine Falun | ©

Falun in Swedish Red - The Story of Falun Red (Falu Röd Färg)

Everywhere we come across red wooden houses and gazebos. What is this color Swedish red, also called Falun red or Falu Rödfärg, all about? We get to the bottom of the story during a visit to southern central Sweden, in Dalarna.

Kieft & Klok, Leica SL 2.8 24-70mm

When dreams come true - classic car dealership Kieft & Klok

Whoever's heart beats for the old VW cannot ignore a name. Kieft & Klok in Renkum in the Netherlands, two friends who got together before the year 2000 and founded a workshop for the historic vehicles from Wolfsburg. They travel around the world to discover the last beauties from Wolfsburg and Co. Today we are here and are allowed to take photos in the hallowed halls of Kieft & Klok.

Mekanisk Museum Sønderjylland Kruså, Krusau, Landwirtschaftliches Museum Dänemark, Museen im Grenzland Dänemark Deutschland, Leica SL APO 2.0 75mm asph.

Mekanisk Museum Sønderjylland i Krusau

I am just as enthusiastic about old functioning mechanics as about old construction machines or tractors. Now we have heard of the Mekanisk Museum Sønderjylland near Flensburg, we pack the kids and the bowling and are on our way. Also included is the new Leica SL APO Summicron 1: 2 75mm asph., With which the pictures of the Mekaniks Museum Krusau, as it is also known, are created.

Christian Lassens Minde Museum Jardelund, Dorfmuseum Jardelund, Leica SL 75mm

Homestory at Lassens - Guest at Christian Lassens Hof in Jardelund

Every little town today has its own museum. We discovered the small village museum in Jardelund near the Germany-Denmark border. But is it worth visiting here? Today we are guests at Christian Lassen's Museum Jardelund. To come to the point: yes, it is definitely worth it!

Leica M, Kodak Ektar

Why I take photos with the Leica M.

Each of the traveling bloggers or journalists has their own focus on photography. While one packs a heavy backpack filled with various cameras and lenses, the other gets by with a smartphone. Some want to be prepared for every situation, others want to invest as little money as possible. In between there are of course many alternatives. They are not better or worse. We decided on the Leica M system and describe why it is the ideal camera system for us.

Telling stories

… without yesterday, no tomorrow

Äskhults By, Leica SL 75mm

Äskhults By in Sweden - Searching for traces: Village life in the Middle Ages

South of Gothenburg and near Kungsbacka we discover some exciting and rather unknown sights. A little out of the way is the almost forgotten farming village of Äskhults By. Here we come across the story of a now uninhabited village, which reveals to us the other side of our glorified “typically Swedish”.

Äskhults By, Leica SL 75mm

Äskhults By in Sweden - story of a Swedish farming village

From the main road, a few kilometers along the small country road, past meadows and fields, then turn off and up the narrow road into the forest - somewhere behind it is the old and almost forgotten farming village of Äskults By.

Objectively tested

Emotions before technology

Leica Sl 75mm f2

Leica SL 75mm f2 Review - from practice

We have been using the Leica SL 75mm f2 for over half a year. Like all lenses in this series, it rightly has the additional designation APO. But you should know that there are manufacturers who use this term for pure marketing and tend to save themselves the high constructive effort. Now there are countless tests on this lens as well.

Kieft & Klok, Leica SL 2.8 24-70mm

Leica SL Vario Elmar 2.8 24-70mm: Everyday Review

For the first time in a long time, I have a completely normal standard zoom. The new SL 2.8 24-70mm. It takes a little time to get used to it. But, it largely covers the focal lengths that I need in everyday life.

Focal lengths

Courage to find your own way

Figeholm, Kalmarsund, Oskarshamn, Misterhult, Kodak Ektar, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph., Kodak Portra 160 | ©

28mm focal length images

The analogue Leica M or the Leica SL 601 together with the current Leica Elmarit M 2.8 / 28 asph. are among our preferred combinations in the wide-angle area. We show some picture examples and talk about the interaction between lens and camera.

Ziegelmuseum Almvik Tegelbrukmuseet Almvik - Kodak Portra 160 | ©

50mm focal length images

Most of the pictures on are created analog. We take photos with Leica M and like to use the Leica M Summilux 1.4 50 asph. Depending on the situation, we use the Kodak Ektar 100, one of the finest-grained color films. Because we the Summilux 1.4 50 asph. The Kodak Ektar also impresses with its very own expression.

Äskhults By, Leica SL 75mm

75mm focal length images

in preparation

Geschichte des Cafés, Kodak Portra 160, Leica M Makro Elmar 90

90mm focal length images

in preparation

Stryn, Strynfjellet, Nordfjord, Oppstrynsvatnet, Kodak Ektar, Leica M Summilux 1.4 50 asph.,

135mm focal length images

In recent years, wide-angle photography has become more and more popular due to smartphone photography. You want to get as much as possible in the picture from a short distance on the way. It is worthwhile to look for a section again. During one of our visits to Stensjö By we only used the Leica M Elmarit 2.8 135mm and

Strynefjellet, Kodak Ektar, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph. | ©

What lenses and focal lengths are best for travel and landscape photography

There are countless articles about what the ideal photo equipment for your upcoming vacation is. And with this article comes another one. But: We will not list cameras and lenses in order to provoke as many Amazon clicks as possible, we would like to explain freely and independently what we take with us when traveling.

Photography in wind and weather

Sun, rain, snow and some nice pictures

Ulefoss, Telemark, Kodak Portra 160, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph. | ©

How do I photograph snow

We took the Kodak Portra 160 to wintry southern Norway and put it in our Leica M7 with the Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph. and Summilux 1.4 50 asph. inserted. But how do you photograph snow? No matter whether digital or analog?

Saltdal, E6, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph., Kodak Ektar

Taking pictures in bad weather - reality can be so beautiful

If you look at numerous forums about travel, if you leaf through the travel catalogs and websites of the tourism associations, you will encounter the most beautiful sunsets and sunny skies in every imaginable bright blue tones. Quite a few travel blogs even edit pictures to turn a bad weather photo into a sunny one.

Nordfriesland | ©

Cloudy sun - soft pictures

Despite the sunshine and temperatures of up to 20 degrees, despite the cloudless sky, the horizon is milky and the distant landscape is hazy. So was the tour for free this weekend? This weather phenomenon can have different causes, which play together or individually can lead to this thoroughly melancholy mood.

The village portrait

… it’s best at home – also for others

Kollund by Night, Nachtfotografie, Leica SL 2.8 24-70mm

Kollund at night – Part I

Portraying a place in the dark is a current experiment in several steps. We are approaching the little pearl on the Flensburg Fjord, the town of Kollund, which belongs to Krusau.

Kollund, Krusau, Leica SL 24-70mm

Kollund at night – Part II

After the first photo walk in the dark, it quickly became clear to us to continue the experiment and venture into new scenes. Thanks to its privileged location on the Flensburg Fjord, Kollund offers a wide range of classic and modern architecture. This becomes visible in a special way at night

Kollund by Night, Leica SL 2.8 24-70mm

Kollund at nigth – Part III

With every nightly excursion through the streets of Kollund, we get more ideas for the potential next tour. In this article we describe how, in addition to the pictures, completely different tones get stuck in our head against the everyday hustle and bustle and create pictures that cannot be captured with the camera ...

Kollund (Krusau, Kruså)

Kollund at night – Part IV

The motifs are slowly becoming rarer, as they shouldn't be repeated. What focal length do I work with and what aperture is used? How do I behave respectfully even when nobody sees me?


Fresvik - the small village by the fjord

From Vik a narrow road leads along a branch of the Sognefjord. Halfway the ferry waits for the crossing to Balestrand. But we keep going until we can't go any further. And after about 30 kilometers you come to the small village of Fresvik. A village where, by Norwegian standards, poverty is still at home today. But that doesn't change the happiness of the people who live here.

Stensjö By - Kodak Portra 160 | ©

Stensjö By - a piece of Bullerby

The old village in Småland, Sweden, would almost have been forgotten. Uninhabited, it threatened to deteriorate. Fortunately, it was discovered in time and included in the royal foundation. And so Stensjö By is one of the most beautiful places in Sweden for us today

Figeholm, Kalmarsund, Oskarshamn, Misterhult, Kodak Ektar, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph., Kodak Portra 160 | ©

My village in 36 pictures

Sometimes we are blind in front of our own front door, operationally blind, so to speak. We unlearn through the habit of discovering our immediate surroundings. We like to remember our childhood and the beautiful places that we were able to conquer in our youngest years.


Pictures say more than words

Flensburger Förde, Flensburg, Leica SL APO f2 75mm asph.

Flensburg harbor in pictures

The historic city of Flensburg was once Denmark's most important port city. In its dramatic history, Flensburg has been part of Germany since 1864, making it the northernmost port city in Germany. Flensburg is characterized by the Flensburg Fjord, which extends far into the city center and is referred to here as the Hafenspitze. We take a tour around the inner city fjord and port of Flensburg and discover ...

Museumswerft Flensburg, Flensburger Förde, Leica SL APO Summicron f2 75 mm asph.

Museum shipyard Flensburg in pictures

We are guests at the Museumswerft Flensburg and catch a few impressions on our tour. We use the Leica SL Summicron APO 2.0 75mm asph for this. If you master this lens, you get wonderful close-ups with an extraordinary impression.

Kieft & Klok, Leica SL 2.8 24-70mm

Kieft & Klok oldtimer trade + Leica SL 2.8 24-70mm

Whoever's heart beats for the old VW cannot ignore a name. Kieft & Klok in Renkum near Arnhem in the Netherlands, these are two buddies who got together before the year 2000 to set up a workshop for the historic vehicles from Wolfsburg. Today we are here and are allowed in the hallowed halls of Kieft & Take a picture of Klok.

Vibæk Mølle, Gendarmstien, Leica SL 2.0 75mm

Vibæk Mølle in pictures with the Leica SL APO 2.0 75mm asph.

We present the small open-air museum Vibæk Mølle near Høruphav near Sønderborg. The Mühlenhof Vibæk Mølle is located at the eastern end of the Gendarmstien. We got it on one of the action days with the fixed focal length Leica SL 2.0 75mm asph. portrayed.

Landbruksmuseum Vojens, Tørninggård, Leica SL 2.0 75mm

Leica SL 2.0 75mm meets Tørning Mølle in Vojens near Hadersleben (Haderslev)

Wir portraitieren die Tørning Mølle mit dem Festbrennweitenobjektiv Leica APO Summicron 2.0 75mm asph. und stellen diese alte Wassermühle bei Hadersleben (Haderslev) in Bildern vor. Die Tørning Mølle gehört heute zu den beliebtesten Kulturgütern in Süddänemark und erzählt ein Stück Industriegeschichte der letzten 100 Jahre.

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