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Allow me to draw your attention to one of the most popular mistakes in photography – the misconception that outstanding work or what you think about it is professionally proven by the classification and is an expression of immature or very miserable photos. The fact is, pretty much all the important work comes from people who shoot for love, not for financial reasons. As the name implies, the amateur works out of love for the cause, and in view of this fact, the untenability of this popular distinction must become obvious.

Paul Strand

About Photograph

Paul Strand is certainly one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. He was born on October 16, 1890, the son of Bohemian immigrants in New York City and died on March 31, 1976 in Orvegal near Paris. Early on, he devoted himself to landscape photography, but had to earn his living as a cameraman. However, his photographs were taken preferably in rural areas of the US and Mexico and later far beyond the globe. Paul Strand loved the slowing down of photography.

But his homeland, where he was born, was already suffering from persecution. In this case, the Republican Joseph Mc Carthy opposed alleged un-American behavior that Paul Beach emigrated to Europe and settled near Paris.

In Europe, he portrayed famous people such as the painter Picasso.

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