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Never photograph something that does not interest you!

Lisette Model

About Lisette Model

Lisette Model was born in 1901 in a wealthy home as Elise Amelie Felicie Stern in Vienna. In 1983 she died. It is one of the most important names in modern and artistic photography. Famous photographers like Diane Arbus, Larry Fink or Nan Goldin were inspired by her.

Her love was initially the music, which she initially studied. In 1926, her father and so many her family died in France. Here she moved between Nice and Paris. In 1933, Lisette Model decided to become a photojournalist. At that time, her younger sister Olga was already a professional photographer, so Lisette learned with her the necessary moves.

In 1934, she took in Nice a photo series on the luxury tourists on the beach, which is in retrospect among her most famous works. Although it was openly criticized when the pictures were published in the socially critical Communist Party newspaper, this series drew the attention of famous photographers such as Amsel Adams, Edward Weston, and Berenice Abbott.

In Nice, she married the Russian painter Evsa Model in 1936, with whom she moved to the United States in 1938. Here she became acquainted with personalities such as Amsel Adams and got in contact with the Museum of Modern Art. Already in 1940 this museum acquired some of her works.

She worked until 1952 as a freelance photojournalist and portrayed greats such as the jazz musician Luis Amstrong. Her works regularly appeared, among others. in the cosmopolitan. But the so open society of the US subordinated her communist traits and prevented further orders. So she took leave of professional photography and taught this subject. One of her now famous students is photographer Bruce Weber.

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