Photographic Quotes | Jim Rakete

Black and white is timeless – and a bit more difficult because you can not bluff. That’s why it has survived all trends again and again.

Jim Rakete

About Photograph

Jim Rakete is probably the most famous German portrait photographer. He was born in Berlin in 1951, quit his school and devoted himself early to music. He managed well-known bands and interpreters in his Berlin factory “Rakete”, before he devoted himself entirely to photography.

His expressive images are often in black and white, just as often taken with a Leica M. His love is also in times of digital photography of analogue black and white photography. His pictures seem deliberately unfinished and natural. Above all, actors and politicians prefer his cameras, of which he does not know how many he actually has. But he would immediately notice if one of these cameras was missing.

Some very elaborate and first-class picture books show his many years of work, as are his works, which are perceived as art, in well-known German film museums.

He has a very special friendship with the equally famous and popular portrait photographer Peter Lindbergh. In the imagery, both are very related.

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