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Photography is the grief of the passing time and the need to capture for a few moments – there are formal emotions, evoked by light or form, sentimental or sensual, which are triggered by people, and purely intellectual. Photography can unite them and create new ones … Photography is inextricably linked with the time that holds them, with the time that passes between the fingers, between the moments, with the time of things and people, of light and of the time feelings. Time will never be what it was.

Jeanloup Sieff

About the Photograph

Jeanloup Sieff is perhaps the French answer to the German portrait photographer Jim Rakete or the American Peter Lindbergh. Jeanloup Sieff was born on November 30, 1933 in Paris and devotes himself early to philosophy and photography.

From 1954 he works as a photojournalist, ia. for the magazine ELLE or VOUGE, also later for MAGNUM in New York.

His preference is for the slender women, sometimes as a nude model and sometimes as ballet dancers. But well-known greats of the showbizz come before his lens. Elaborately, he works every single picture into a real work of art. His photographs, supplemented by motifs from landscape photography, are created entirely in black and white.

On 20 September 200 Jeanloup Sieff dies in Paris.

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