Obrestad Fyr lighthouse in Jæren – lighthouses in Norway

Obrestad Fyr, Jæren, Nordsjøvegen, Norge, Leica Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph, Kodak Ektar | © mare.photo

Those who love lighthouses will surely find a number of the most beautiful beacons on the south Norwegian coast. This is where the triumphal march of the lighthouses in Norway began. Today we visit the lighthouse Obrestad fyr in Jæren.

Obrestad Fyr lighthouse in Jæren – lighthouses in Norway

The architecture of the Obrestad fyr lighthouse is somewhat reminiscent of a church. The main building now consists of whitewashed granite, the square tower with its red lantern cover is also white if it is not being transformed into an art object during the NuArt Festival.

The lighthouse Obrestad fyr has been on the coast of Hå near Nærbø since 1873. At first there was only the 16.50 meter high tower, the supplementary house did not follow until 1905 and served the lighthouse keeper and his family as a new home.

In the first years of operation of the Obrestad fyr lighthouse, a simple oil lamp with a wick served as a light signal, from 1902 a petroleum burner provided a much stronger light signal. The electrification of the lighting system followed in 1916.

Then the Second World War began and with it the occupation of Norway by the German Wehrmacht. During this time, the Obrestad lighthouse became part of the line of defense along the Atlantic Wall. A bunker and a viewing platform were added near the facility. In 1949 and 1950, the tower of the Obrestad fyr lighthouse was rebuilt and equipped with modern lighting technology.

The Obrestad fyr lighthouse stands on a flat hill in the typical coastal landscape of Jæren. The light signal is 39 meters above sea level and shines constantly with white light, supported by a regular flashing every 30 seconds. The range of the light cone is 17.6 nautical miles.

The Obrestad fyr lighthouse has been automated since 1991 and, due to its architectural uniqueness, has been a listed building since 2000. In 2006, the municipality of Hå acquired the Obrestad fyr lighthouse. Since then, the house of the lighthouse can be booked for private celebrations or overnight stays.

The Obrestad fyr lighthouse is open to visitors daily from mid-June to mid-August and Sundays from mid-August to December. From the hill there is a very relaxed view of the wide fields and courtyards of Jæren.

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