If we thought we knew Norway after almost 100 trips to Nordland, we are being taught better here. Because, for whatever reason, we have so far left out Sørlandet in Norway with its magnificent Jæren, the granary of Norway. But now we are here and spontaneously feel at home.

Orrestranda på landskabsruten Jæren

We are on one of the most beautiful landscape routes in Norway, the landscape route Jæren in the south of Norway. So here is the granary of Norway and somehow we feel reminded of the Danish west coast or Sylt. In Orrestranda we take one of our many breaks and find ourselves again in a rather flat landscape with endless dunes and white dream beaches. So here in Orrestranda young and old meet in Norway for fishing, barbecuing, sunbathing … On an early evening in early summer we are here and immerse ourselves in this sociable and relaxed hustle and bustle.

We actually associate Norway with the deep fjords, the rugged cliffs and the treeless plateaus. But now we are here, in southern Norway, in Orrestranda. Gentle hills and flat expanses characterize the surroundings, far away we can see the silhouette of the mountains.

Dune grass and white beaches – the Orrestranda / Jæren

Sørlandet Norge, Nordsjøvejen, Orrestranda, Kodak Ektar, Leica Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph.

Sørlandet Norge, Nordsjøvejen, Orrestranda, Kodak Ektar, Leica Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph. | © mare.photo

Orrestranda is Norway’s longest sandy beach and it is one of the finest sandy beaches in Norway. A wide belt of dunes separates the Orrestranda from the pastures and fields beyond.

Now, in May, the temperatures in the evening are wonderfully mild, there is hardly any wind. A large parking lot in front of the Frilufthus, an architecturally simple yet extravagant wooden building, offers space for numerous visitors. However, camping is not allowed here for good reasons.

But first we park our Bulli and walk along the narrow path covered with wooden planks, right through the dunes. In front of us is the North Sea, on the right and left the white Orrestranda and behind us far and wide land.

We enjoy the sunset this evening and find peace. The idea arises to come and stay here in Orrestranda. For more than just that one moment.

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