One of the most beautiful Fiskeläge on Gotland – Ljugarn Fiskeläge / Gamla Hamn in Ljugarn


We returned to Ljugarn to pay a visit to Gamla Hamn Ljugarn to one of the most beautiful fishing spots, the Ljugarn Fiskeläge.

One of the most beautiful Fiskeläge on Gotland – Ljugarn Fiskeläge / Gamla Hamn in Ljugarn

In the historical seaside resort of Ljugarn, we discover one of the most beautiful taxis on Gotland, the Ljugarn Fiskeläge in Ljugarn Gamla Hamn. Numerous small and larger wooden structures in classical Falun red have new tasks in memory of their history today, but they are more of a tourist nature.

Modestly restrained and yet attractive as a strong magnet, so the Ljugarn Fiskeläge lies on the outskirts of the old seaside resort, which heralded tourism on Gotland. At the time, the Fiskeläge on Gotland were probably rather annoying in the individual holiday processes felt, after all, it stank for many here simply for fish.

Apart from the fact that fish smells in such an environment and never stinks remind today of some decorative objects, but also a very exciting museum with old tools and historical images of the history of Fiskeläge on Gotland and in particular to the Ljugarn Fiskeläge. The modest accommodation of the fishermen can book holidaymakers today for their own night.

We can not help but stay in this unique environment in Gamla Hamn in the Ljugarn Fiskeläge and are tempted to relive the past few days. This is certainly only conditionally, because the fishermen of the Fiskeläge on Gotland and also here in the Ljugarn Fiskeläge had a hard life with many hardships.

In the year 1933, the active fishing of the Ljugarn Fiskeläge ended, looking back, this picturesque Ljugarn Fiskeläge never played a significant role like most other Fiskeläge on Gotland and in the neighboring villages, where the fishing was already in the Viking era.

The photos are analogous to the Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph. originated on Kodak Ektar

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