Lighthouses in Norway Lista Fyr lighthouse in Farsund

Lista Fyr,Farsund,  Kodak Ektar, Leica Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph.

There are said to be or have been over 200 lighthouses in Norway. This is not surprising when you think of the ever-long coastline of 25,800 kilometers along the mainland alone. Now we are heading for the Norwegian lighthouse Lista fyr, located on the Lista peninsula, just a few kilometers after the oldest lighthouse Lindesnes fyr.

Lighthouses in Norway Lista Fyr lighthouse in Farsund

The Lista fyr lighthouse is one of the numerous lighthouses in Norway and is located on the Lista peninsula in southern Norway. On our journey from the southernmost lighthouse in Norway to the northernmost lighthouse in Norway, we discovered this sea mark for us.

The landscape here on Lista near Jæren looks very different from a few kilometers before, maybe even a little Irish. Agriculture plays the main role in this environment. Everything is flat and green, the fields are very extensive for Norwegian standards. The coast spoils us with equally wide and fine beaches that drop quite flat into the North Sea.

And yet the coast is quite rugged in large parts of this area, so it is not surprising to build another lighthouse here, the Lista fyr lighthouse. The sea is rough and wild, which is why they are particularly popular with windsurfers and surfers. In commercial shipping, these waters and the surrounding shores were rather feared, so that the Lista fyr lighthouse was put into operation on November 10, 1832, in the middle of perhaps the most turbulent times.

Make three out of one – Lista fyr lighthouse

The range of the light cones was very limited due to the reflectors, which were in their infancy at the time, and the decision was made to place two further lighthouses in the immediate vicinity of the Lista fyr lighthouse in southern Norway. They were created in 1854. But with the development of lens technology, the range of the light cone in the Lista fyr lighthouse could be increased considerably, so that the other two lighthouses around the Lista peninsula could be switched off and dismantled again in 1874.

Beautifully different from the other beautiful ones – lighthouse Lista fyr

It can be seen from afar, the Lista fyr lighthouse. In a green landscape in which our gaze does not want to see an end, it drones with a considerable height of 34 meters. The buildings for the lighthouse keeper and the technology are painted white, as we know it from the lighthouses in Norway, but the lighthouse Lista fyr has kept the color of its uncoated masonry and stands out clearly in these latitudes. The white lantern with its bright red cone roof sets a wonderful architectural accent and thus combines different styles that we actually only know from recent times.

Of course, we do not miss the opportunity to climb the 132 steps inside the Lista lighthouse and enjoy the fantastic view over the vast landscape of southern Norway, and the weather can also be inhospitable and rough, somehow such a lighthouse looks like the lighthouse Lista fyr really with low hanging clouds. And somehow he only really transports his story.

Spend the night on a lighthouse in Norway and at night on the lighthouse – here in the lighthouse Lista fyr

How it must have felt to do your job here in wind and weather and to live here with the family. However, the Listafyr lighthouse has been automated since 2003. Two apartments are available today that can be rented. That has to be special. In any case, it is very special to get the key for the Lista fyr lighthouse and to climb it in the evening or at night and then to be able to look at the sea.

Positions from the Second World War near the Lista fyr lighthouse

Admittedly, I find it very difficult to show things of a cruel war. Somehow there is a deceptive feeling of war romance. But there was a very unromantic position in the nearby forest of the German Wehrmacht with bunker and combat systems, the remains of which can still be seen today. For me as one of the descendants of the occupiers, such unspeakable eyesores are something that I would like to have done without, but also something that makes me look back sadly at the history of these places.

Bird watching at Lista fyr lighthouse

Admittedly, I like the birds in nature, but I don’t really know anything about them. Bird watching isn’t mine either. But there are many travelers who come to Norway for bird watching and are richly rewarded here. There is also a diverse life in the air at the Lista fyr lighthouse and honestly, what would the Lista fyr lighthouse be if not a few seagulls glided around it in the air?

In any case, at the front of the Lista fyr lighthouse there is a small bird-watching hut with lots of information about the local bird life.

And then there was the usual mess at the Lista Fyr lighthouse

There are supposed to be tourists who hunt from one sight to another, snap and post and beg in social media with attention and recognition. Such would be more likely to head for the Lindesnes Fyr lighthouse, but in some cases also Lista Fyr. Too bad to only come here for a short detour. Because the Lista peninsula with its Lista Fyr lighthouse is a really nice place to stay, relax and just switch off for a few hours. The wide beach, the quiet landscape and this sea mark stoically located in the south of the Lista peninsula are just a few examples of how you can calm down and let the wind blow around your nose. Nice walks with wind and weather in the good North Sea air do the rest.

A small kiosk is also a starting point to catch a souvenir of the Lista Fyr lighthouse or to treat yourself to a refreshment or a coffee. At the kiosk of the Lista Fyr lighthouse there is also a small art gallery with old and historical pictures of the Lista Fyr lighthouse.

All in all, the little detour to the Lista Fyr lighthouse will not be spectacular, but will be remembered in a relaxed and relaxing way.


Lista Fyr, Fyrveien 70, 4563 Farsund

Web Lista Fyr: Lighthouse Listafyr

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