Fiskeläge on Gotland – Lergrav Fiskeläge / Furillen

Lergrav Fiskeläge, Fiskeläge Gotland, Furillen, Kodak ektar, Leica M Summilux 1.4 50 asph. | ©

We approach on the narrow road at the foot of the slope along one of the many arms of the sea along to the Furillen. Obviously, the Lergrav Fiskeläge appears before us, looking a bit sleepy yet.

Fiskeläge on Gotland – Lergrav Fiskeläge / Furillen

The Fiskeläge Lergrav is expected to be one of Gotland’s most beautiful Fiskeläge, but it is still closed. A small boat waits for the next fishing trip at the jetty, the start of the season in the Lergrav Fiskeläge is imminent. Then the little fish smokehouse will go into operation and crowds of people will walk around among the freshly painted wooden huts of the Lergrav Fiskeläge and then sit down at one of the tables. Because the Lergrav Fiskeläge has become a special excursion restaurant, a recommended fish restaurant.

Here, in the Lergrav Fiskeläge, alongside an incomparable environment, you will find freshly smoked fish, typical Gotland cuisine, all in a place where you can just BE. In the midst of grandiose nature we have discovered a very special culinary oasis with the Lergrav Fiskeläge.

The season on Gotland is short and so is the Lergrav Fiskeläge as a fish restaurant open only a few weeks in the summer. On a sign you thank the guests for the last season and on another one welcomes the guests of the upcoming season already welcome.

We still enjoy the peace towards the end of the preseason, but are also waiting eagerly for the time when the Lergrav Fiskeläge opens its doors. We sit down on one of the empty benches, pick up the warming sun in our face and breathe the soft, gentle wind with its slightly salty scent of the Baltic Sea, while the small wooden boat pushes through the waves as if in tact to the jetty.

Soon we will switch to the other side of the road into the unique nature reserve with its filigree and mystical rock formations, into the Lergravpark with its 60 bizarre Raukar. From there, we look down on one of the most beautiful Fiskeläge on Gotland, the Lergrav Fiskeläge.

The images are analogous to Leica Summilux 1.4 50 asph. originated on Kodak Ektar.

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