Lighthouses in Norway – Kvassheim Fyr lighthouse

Kvassheim Fyr, Jæren, Nordsjøvegen, Norge, Kodak Ektar, Leica Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph.

We drive along the Norwegian coast and discover one or two lighthouses in Norway. Sometimes common, sometimes very unusual, but always unique – this is how each of these sea mark touches us in its very special way.

Lighthouses in Norway – Kvassheim Fyr lighthouse

We are in the south of Norway and drive along the Nordsjøvegen through the Jæren, the granary of Norway. On this coast we discover the southernmost lighthouses in Norway and visit the lighthouse Kvassheim Fyr today.

This lighthouse was the last of the lighthouses in Norway that were built on the south coast of the country, here in Jæren on the North Sea. In 1912 it went into operation in timber construction. For this purpose, the lantern room was placed at a height of 12 meters on the 1 1/2 floor building.

In 1984, the last lighthouse keeper served in the Kvassheim Fyr lighthouse. Then, from 1990, an automated beacon took over about 70 meters to the west.

A new lantern is a lantern mounted on a 9.30 meter high red and white concrete mast that emits two flashes every eight seconds. Depending on the direction, this signal is red, white or green. The light cone is 11.30 meters above sea level and has an intensity of 26,400 candela.

Jæren Friluftsråd became the owner of the historic buildings of Kvassheim Fyr in 2003, rebuilt and renovated them. Today the Kvassheim Fyr lighthouse is the location of a natural exhibition and a café with a fantastic panoramic view. There is also a small museum with a permanent exhibition on ship accidents and rescue at sea.

The Kvassheim Fyr lighthouse is open from late June to mid-August and on Sundays and public holidays throughout the year, except for the month of January.

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