Kodak Tri X – Today was yesterday

Fischerstelle (Fiskeläge) Kovik +Kodak Tri X | © mare.photo

Pictures always show the past. And shape a piece of the future. They arise in a fraction of a second, in a moment that never comes again. With the Kodak Tri X, we caught a moment without holding onto it. But with the assurance that he will stay.

With the Kodak Tri X on Gotland

We are on the road with the Bulli, the Leica is loaded with the legendary Kodak Tri X and we drive towards Klintehamn. It is only a short trip to the old fishing Kovik on Gotland, off we discover a small fisherman’s chapel. Sounds of violin and accordion resonate. Slowly we approach the inconspicuous and humble church.

Above the sea, the dark clouds gather, the wind freshens up. The sun gives everything to penetrate again and again. Before us on the left is the fishing place with the small museum. On the right side lies this small fisherman’s chapel, as simple as it can not be simpler.

Kodak Tri X + Leica Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph. | © mare.photo

Kodak Tri X + Leica Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph. | © mare.photo

We are slowly approaching this almost windowless building. Always the clouds in view. The sounds of the violin and the accordion meet us and make us curious. Gotland folk music, as she reminds me of the Swedish film “As in Heaven”.

The sounds fade away, a woman with her violin comes out of the wide open swing door, greets us and tells us that there will be an evening service with musical accompaniment. We realize that we will stay, but we are incredulous that this little chapel of Kovik, so to speak, lying in no man’s land, really gets full.

Behind the small church, a young herd of cows is approaching, leaping for joy of life and running purposefully to the water, and suddenly they come, the people who want to visit this evening service. Inside, the candles are lit on the walls. Folding chairs are set up, we ourselves decide to follow with our little daughter first in front of the open gate.

The pastor has begun his first words, the church begins the first song and we decide in the coming thunder rumble and incipient rain but to go inside. The Pastor puts the last two folding chairs next to us, we look out into the dramatic interplay of gusts of wind, sun and rain, plus the passing storm. And then again the inlays with violin and accordion and the magical song of the violinist, sometimes as classical folk, then again as happy polka.

Shortly before the blessing the pastor goes through the open double doors, climbs on the beam and pulls on the rope until the little bell has beaten 10 times.

Never before has a church and worship touched me so deeply as in this place. He has become holy to me and unforgettable. He reminds me that the first Christians were fishermen who had to struggle with the weather and more or less successful catches and lost many a boat. Maybe we will have our children baptized at this very place, because the place here is so special.

The following day, we drive to this place again, whose magic reverberates. The sky is bright blue, a few clouds slowly float their way. The contrails of the aircraft paint sharp lines through the infinite. Reflectively, I take the Leica M with the Elmarit 2.8 / 28 asph. new and insert a Kodak Tri X. The orange filter is intended to enhance the mood and so I am on my way to capture the mood of the previous day gently. Like no other film, the pictures take us back to a time that takes us back to the lively and active times of this museum fishing spot.

For the album and for this site I photographed this fisherman’s chapel in Kovik, but the actual picture of this little church is in the gallery of my heart.

Incidentally, even at the beginning of Christianity, the fish was the secret mark of the Christians. Today you can find this badge sometimes as a sticker on cars.

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