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After Kodak introduced the Image Pro in 1997 in Asia and some South American countries, it has now been launched in Germany after a successful trial in the UK. It is offered in a five-pack and settles between the Kodak Gold and the Kodak Ektar.

Today to bring an analog film on the market clearly contradicts the constant blatant of films in the media. Above all, t.ex. german laboratory CEWE celebrates again and again the farewell of analogue photography and proves it with dwindling numbers, but knowing that today’s analogue photographers take care of decent and quality-conscious laboratories whose addresses we have published on our site.

In this harmony is certainly the increasing quality awareness in the analog photography. And probably in this context, Kodak rounds up the entry-level program significantly upwards. So it’s no surprise that the Kodak Image Pro is somewhere between the simple Kodak Gold and the professional Kodak Ektar.

It comes what must come – a breather of photographers who do not have the Kodak Gold of the quality and to whom the Kodak Ektar seems too intense color. So the pictures of the Kodak Image Pro show themselves in a very own look and close a gap between the low-sensitive Kodakfilm Gold and Ektar.

Especially in portrait or wedding he shows his strengths, because the skin tones are rendered much more neutral. However, with the Kodak Portra 400 at comparable resolution, the higher sensitivity in the interior makes it more flexible.

But even as a universal holiday film, it is well usable in sunny daylight. At the same time, he is clearly inclined, like Kodak films, to warm colors. It does its best when exposed to ISO 80 instead of ISO 100 without having to adjust the development. It shows a balanced contrast behavior and clearly definable colors.

In our opinion, the Kodak Image Pro is an ideal vacation movie for daylight shooting in sunlight. Magnifications up to 20×30 centimeters are possible with him.

In terms of resolution, the Kodak Image Pro is comparable to the world’s finest-grained ISO 400 film, the Kodak Portra 400. If you compare these two films in terms of color intension, the Kodak Image Pro is more powerful than the Portra 400 Portra films, which like the Ektar are more than 50 percent more expensive than the Image Pro, ideal for mixed light, for example, when it comes into the twilight and the most diverse light sources to be authentically photographed. Kodak Ektar and Kodak Portra are also the sharper films and especially the Kodak Ektar, which now resolves much higher, the ideal film when it comes to cloudier regions.

If you want to travel with the Kodak Image Pro, you can do so especially in subtropical areas. This film has proven to be extremely robust in all its years of use.

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