Kodak Ektar and the Fiskeläge on Gotland

Kodak Ektar, Fiskeläge Gotland, Leica M Summilux 1.4 50 asph.

We portray the famous Fiskeläge (fishing settlements) on the Swedish island of Gotland with the analogue Leica M and the Leica Summilux M 1.4 / 50 asph. on Kodak Ektar and introduce them with their history.

In wind and weather – Kodak Ektar and the Fiskeläge on Gotland

Gotland is one of the most beautiful holiday areas in Sweden and attracts visitors to the remote Fiskeläge on Gotland. During our visits to Gotland we portray the small fishing settlements with the analogue Leica M and the Summilux M 1.4 50 asph or Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph. Here are some pictures taken with the fine-grained and high-resolution Kodak Ektar.

Fishing and Gotland, that once belonged together as today in the analog color photography and the Kodak Ektar. About 150 fishermen’s settlements have been preserved as taxis on Gotland. They consist of wooden or stone huts and partly still from the obtained Slip plants, with whose help the rowing boats are drawn from the water.

Today, only sideline fishermen frolic on the Fiskeläge on Gotland and tourists like us, who then catch on our case with an analogous Leica M and the Kodak Ektar.

In the huts the fishermen stayed or even partly stored their equipment today. In some Fiskeläge on Gotland we still find the drying racks of the nets, the so-called net gardens.

Kodak Ektar shows character of the Fiskeläge on Gotland

In some Fiskeläge on Gotland, the tourists can spend the night romantically, but despite all the romance, one must not forget how dangerous it was in the past for fishermen to catch on wind and weather. Not everyone came back.

Today we are allowed to enjoy as guests what these fishermen once created for us. In our opinion, the Kodak Ektar gives a special expression to the character of the Fiskeläge on Gotland. Because both the freshly painted wood comes into its own with the Kodak Ektar in its bright colors, the Kodak Ektar shows the structure of the wood exposed to the weather even in bad weather.

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