From catch to table: Fiskeläge on Gotland – Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge

Fiskeläge Katthammersvik Fiskeläge Gotland Kodak Ektar Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph

From catch to table: Fiskeläge on Gotland – Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge

Actually, you feel good in Katthammarsvik, this small coastal town. But when walking through the Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge, which is located at the small harbor, it quickly becomes clear to us that this is one of the most beautiful Fiskeläge on Gotland.

A small smokehouse and a small stylish restaurant in the Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge skilfully draw the line from the producer to the consumer, where fresh fish comes to the table.

The Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge has long since become a culinary destination. But as with most Fiskeläge on Gotland, the Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge is not on the side of the road, you have to leave the already existing paths.

We were given in the nearby Östergarn the tip to go in that direction and after a stay in the Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge necessarily visit the overlying nature reserve with its wildly romantic plateau.

But now we are in one of about 150 Fiskeläge on Gotland, at first the Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge seems to be extinct. In the nearby parking lot, the campers have extended their satellite dish and turned their revolving seats inwards. Each his program.

The small fish tavern of the Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge could offer a unique alternative to delve into the life of the Gotland and today’s Fiskeläge on Gotland. The deliciously prepared fish was brought shortly before with one of the small boats in the adjacent port and smoked fresh here in the Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge, now dries in the evening sun the fishing gear.

We may be here in the Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge and realize that there is still the world in which one is not driven, in which one may be modestly happy without consumption, free from stress and stress. Every mobile phone would bother in this place.

The dark brown-painted rowing boats, their paddles lying lengthwise over the boat benches, the fishermen’s cabins of the Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge painted in fresh red, decorated with such typical objects from the everyday life of the fishermen, everything has its place.

A balmy evening wind blows over the coast and we enjoy a glass of red wine, a freshly prepared fish, sitting on one of the dignified gray wooden benches and feel this homely, this incredibly lively and heartfelt, which radiates the Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge. Here we arrived, at home, for a moment, here, in the Katthammarsvik Fiskeläge.

The images are analogous to the Leica Summilux 1.4 50 asph. photographed on Kodak Ektar.

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