In the hand the new smartphone In the heart of an old barge

Leica M Summilux 1.4 50 asph.

Everything was better before. One had time and peace, a secure existence, worked in architecturally sophisticated factory buildings and sat in a cozy barracks, in which the canteen was housed. At least for a moment, you just want to go back to that time, no matter whether you or your grandfather experienced it that way. The privations of the epoch are in the back of this yearning. We revel in romance.

Now I’m the last one to get rid of it, but I do without a smartphone. Just as I take a similar camera to a 70s party.

The former time was always more individual, and so today it is precisely the lost individuality that we long for. This longing for individuality is one of the most important pillars of marketing today. Whether it is used in advertising with Polaroid or increasingly with high-quality black and white photographs, whether in the window dressing with a dial telephone, an analog camera or a turntable is designed or if the museum train rattling and steaming through the winter landscape drives and the whistle of the soon 100-year-old buoys from this picture tears with emotion in the eyes – the longing for the past takes us.

And so Mare.Photo tries to take pictures of the time that we so long for. Analogue anyway, but also in the context of contemporary history. We want to leave the epoch shown as uninfluenced by today as possible, even if it often means abandoning a motif. Because we would rather come without a photo than with a bad one.

We are inspired by old masters, but also by technology museums, decorations and old films. Only when you feel a picture without even seeing it, the longing of the viewer is awakened. Then he wants to experience how it used to be, even if it was completely different at that time …..

We know that, too, only in this moment have true – because we prefer to dream. With beautiful pictures from the time of 

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