Ilford Delta 100 Chameur with clear edge

The Ilford Delta 100 is one of the modern fine-grained films in the professional field of analogue photography. We have used it for a child portrait of a different kind and at the same time show how one can protect the privacy of a child with a publication on the Internet.

A sunny September day at the Baltic Sea in southern Denmark. Time for a little trip to the beach, where little Lotta can try out her first shoes. Off the road and far enough from the sea, the little one is free to move without worrying about her safety.

A child wants to be instead of having to and that is exactly what I care about in photography. It is a huge gift to be able to accompany a child and with huge gifts you just go around very carefully.

So no pictures and no commands. Lotta moves, as you feel right now. I am allowed to be there. And use the chance to capture these moments with the camera, without being perceived by her. Relaxed, she runs criss-cross and perceives her surroundings completely without distraction with all senses.

I do not want to disturb her field of vision, but try to follow her and with it her yearning, her thoughts, her feelings. The necessary distance and thus the shallow depth of field I achieve with a focal length of 210. Lotta will not have noticed until the end that I photographed her.

For this image series I use the Ilford Delta 100, dispense with each filter, and thus achieve a certain sensitivity and softness in the images. Fine grays are nuanced and even backlit situations, the Ilford Delta 100 does justice without pitfalls. He avoids any drama, shows much less contrast than his more sensitive brother, the Ilford Delta 400 or even his very fine-grained half-brother, the Ilford Pan 50 Plus.

He miraculously masters the full range of medium gray levels, dispensing with extreme white or black areas. This is neither better nor worse than the Ilford Delta 400 or Ilford Pan 50 Plus, it is just different and serves a different taste accordingly.

As fine as the Ilford Delta 100 is, it certainly has its allure. He wants to be exposed absolutely correctly and developed just as correctly. Too bad for the lab at the discount store. There remains the self-development or the specialist laboratory.

But with this article we want to show something else: Lotta will not be identified by her face. Even today, children have a right to their own image. This also applies to the use of the Internet. A picture of a child likes to be in the family album, but not on the World Wide Web. A way in between is just the opportunity to follow a child instead of standing in his path and photographing it discreetly and yet touching, without making it recognizable.

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