The fishing settlement Herrvik Fiskeläge opposite Herrviks Brygga is one of the fishing sites / Fiskeläge on Gotland. It is located on the east side of the island at mid-height. Only a few kilometers south lies the seaside resort of Ljugarn.

Herrvik Fiskeläge – Herrviks Brygga – Fiskeläge on Gotland

Some fishing spots / Fiskeläge on Gotland we discover rather casually. After all, almost 150 Fiskeläge have been preserved. Near Ljugarn we have discovered the small harbor town of Herrvik and described here the Herrvik Fiskeläge.

The small harbor town of Herrvik on Gotland has a small shipyard, a traditional bridge, which is known to many as Herrviks Brygga. Slightly outlined in the background are the beautiful little cabins of the Herrvik Fiskeläge. Even though Herrvik still lives on traditional fishing, today fishermen have swapped their small boats for modern trawlers, the Herrvik Fiskeläge is now more of a tourist attraction and small leisure accommodation.

The buildings are partially bricked and partly built of traditional wood. In its kind, the Herrvik Fiskeläge differs significantly from other Fiskeläge on Gotland. It looks much more modern.

The harbor in Herrvik on Gotland has been constantly deepened and modernized, and so today there are more pleasure boats instead of fishing boats. But where there are fresh fish, there are also beautiful fish restaurants, also here in the Herrvik Fiskeläge. In one of its buildings, a small gallery with changing exhibitions has opened its doors.

The recording was analogous to the Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph. on Kodak Ektar.

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