Heritage of Stone: The Grynge Fiskeläge – Fiskeläge on Gotland

Grynge Fiskeläge Gotland Kodak ektar Leica M Summilux 1.4 50 asph.

This place seems abandoned at first glance, after years of fishing. But where fishermen rested from their journey in the past, today vacationers have moved in to discover one of Gotland’s most beautiful beaches. But with all tourism: This fishing spot has lost none of its charm, maybe because it is so remote.

Heritage of Stone: The Grynge Fiskeläge – Fiskeläge on Gotland

Rather accidentally I discovered the Grynge Fiskeläge during a long coastal walk. And I did not even recognize them as one of Gotland’s Fiskeläge. But she is well remembered for her originality, her unique and modest beauty.

The Grynge Fiskeläge is of course only one of the 150 Fiskeläge on Gotland, which have been preserved, but it stands out in particular. I would rather assume such a style of architecture in the French Provence, but that’s what I often do on Gotland. Whether the fishermen at that time in the strenuous work at all a glimpse of the beauty of this environment had? It is difficult to imagine otherwise, because in front of the Grynge Fiskeläge the beautiful wide sandy bay Sandviken spreads between the popular resort of Ljugarn and the northern lighthouse Herrvik with its fine sand and miserable long beach.

The old fishing village of Grynge, the Grynge Fiskeläge, consists of about 20 beach houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. The Grynge Fiskeläge is a bit like a hippie stronghold, but the people I meet here are quite relaxed even without a joint. They know about their gem, where they are at home here at least every season.

Time stands still in the Grynge Fiskeläge, tourist bustle takes place in other places on the island. Grynge is not the place for a quick snapshot, here you inevitably dive into a piece of real life after Gotland Art.

We have the Grynge Fiskeläge analog on Kodak Ektar with the Leica M Summilux 1.4 / 50 asph. added.

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