One of the smallest Fiskeläge on Gotland – Grundården Fiskeläge

Grundården Fiskeläge Gotland - Kdak Ektar - Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph.| ©

The fishing ground Grundården Fiskeläge on Gotland belongs to the Fiskeläge on Gotland or fishing spots on Gotland. Today, this place is popular among locals for its beautiful swimming area.

One of the smallest Fiskeläge on Gotland – Grundården Fiskeläge

The fishing ground Grundården Fiskeläge is certainly one of the smallest Fiskeläge on Gotland and is a bit isolated on the southwest side of Gotland on a small headland. The Grundården Fiskeläge is unlikely to be on the classic tourist program, the more private is the relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Young and old alike like to take the Grundården Fiskeläge jetty for a dip in the refreshing Baltic Sea or take the boat for a small fishing trip. The days of professional and survival fishing are long gone on the Grundården Fiskeläge.

Walking around and looking at the small huts up close is not possible here, a fence and a gate protect the private environment. But in the front area, the shallow water running rocks, the small pebble beach and the picnic tables offer a nice view of the Grundården Fiskeläge.

The fishing ground Grundgården Fiskeläge is a very young fishing village, it was created in the 1930s, when the fishermen from here one kilometer northeast Graunviken Nisseviken pulled here. In 1964, the fishermen founded the fishermen’s association, which is still responsible for this plant today.

At the beginning of the fishing union of the Grundården Fiskeläge it was the most important task to restore the small dilapidated pier of the Grundården Fiskeläge. Thanks to financial support from the public sector, the facility was rebuilt and fenced off in 1975. Even a private well was drilled.

Today there is the fishing union still, but as noted, the fishing the leisure pleasure and the romance of this tranquil place.

The recording was analogous to the leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph. on Kodak Ektar.

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