Everyday life in the Fiskeläge on Gotland: The Gnisvärd Fiskeläge

Gnisvärd Fiskeläge, Gotland, Kodak Ektar, Leica M Summilux 1,4 50 asph.

We visit the small fishing port at lunchtime, the water is as smooth as glass. An old fisherman sits at the quay and mends his net. A small wooden boat is chugging into the harbor with which an old fisherman brings his catch ashore.

Everyday life in the Fiskeläge on Gotland: The Gnisvärd Fiskeläge

Then as now the life of the fishermen on Gotland and here in the Gnisvärd Fiskeläge is a hard fate. But the brown-tanned faces of the people who get out of the boat speak a contented language. Time is not running away and they are happy with what they need to live.

Nevertheless, they probably will not quite understand that tourists are so enthusiastic about their modest huts and grounds of the Gnisvärd Fiskeläge. And yet more and more people flee from their rich and fat environments into a new modesty like this Gnisvärd Fiskeläge, which, however, has its price now.

The fisherman will see the kids of the holidaymakers who are raving about the Gnisvärd Fiskeläge site and perhaps not remembering their own childhood, helping out at home in the yard or here, gutting and selling the fish.

There is a lot of sweat and effort in the wood from which the cottages of the Gnisvärd Fiskeläge are built. But has the real life, fishing, here in the Fiskeläge Gnisvärd, made people live unhappier?

Maybe we can learn from him, the old fisherman who is carrying his fish ashore in a big box, laboriously but contentedly. Maybe we can learn from him that modesty can make you happy. In any case, in the here and now, in the Gnisvärd Fiskeläge, we need no longer be happy than this moment in this environment.

The recordings are analogous to the Leica M Summilux 1.4 50 asph. on Kodak Ektar

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