Pictures, no matter if sketches, paintings or photos, ideally tell a story. They tell an authentic story above all, even if they themselves are authentic. Everything but arranged.

Fresh air in 10×15 – out into the cinema in your head

Pictures, no matter whether sketches, paintings or photos, ideally tell a story. They tell an authentic story above all if they are also authentic themselves. Anything but arranged.

We took the above picture in Northern Norway. First of all, it depicts a place, a situation. But it triggers an inner film in the viewer, a dream that tells a story. A story that could have the consequence that the longing grows in the heart of the viewer to want to experience this very film that is taking place in him in real life in Norway.

In this case, the viewer may dream of exactly that place to take the boat over into the forest, enjoy the warmth of summer and experience the silence that this secluded place offers.

Perhaps the viewer would also like to just sit on the jetty, feel the sun on his face and breathe the salty air, absorbing the gentle pounding of the waves and enjoying the gentle sway of the boat on the sea.

As many viewers as this picture has, it also tells so many stories. Precisely this knowledge shows how successful a good picture can be and how harmful a bad one.

At, we try to provide material for an inner film with every single picture, sometimes thoughtfully, sometimes dreamy but always honest. Our pictures are created without any arrangement, each motif is captured as we perceive it.

In the same way, we look for pictures, also from other photographers who are honest and who are personally experienced by the people who describe it. It’s about conveying a feeling, a dream. There are selfies for self-expression and successful advertising photographers to clog your own imagination.

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