Sometimes we are blind in front of our own door, blind as it were. We unlearn by habit to discover our immediate surroundings. We like to remember our childhood and the beautiful places that we were allowed to conquer in our younger years. There was our soul, our head, still free and curious and our perspective a completely different one.

Maybe it makes sense, a person, curious and open-minded, to discover our usual village with one, his own perspective. Unbiased and free. And these perspectives, these impressions that no longer recognize our habits, take pictures and maybe words.

It is often about familiar, banal, everyday. For quiet escapes, familiar places.

In addition to the art of having an eye for such moments, there is also the ability to capture them with all their emotions. Many details make such moments something special. The season plays a role or the position of the sun, the direction and the time of day, the operation in this place or even the plant stand. Even fog can give a mood and snow again.

Capturing the moment in just this discovered place means time and peace, patience and serenity for the photographer. All this should be shown to the photographer but also come from him.

In addition, in the digital age is just a solid and very good equipment to do so. The most beautiful subject suffers from a cheap look. This has less to do with the size of the camera than with the quality of a lens. The possibility of a digital post-processing makes the bad still not good pictures.

An artisanal clean image taken without finishing, especially in landscape photography. Ideally, the natural viewing habits of the observer are met


  • An image should not be sharpened to the stop. In it, the eye finds no peace
  • Shadows are allowed to remain shadows, but when these are brightened, it is more indicative of the photographer’s convenience to come to this place at a different time of the day.
  • People should be taken with restraint, the main motive should always be an area of ​​the community.
  • Cloudy weather makes low-contrast images. This can be a design feature, but will not better in digitally afterwork.
  • An image should be dynamic or static depending on the shot. This requires mastering the image structure.
  • Extreme wide angle should be taboo, because a good atmosphere is relaxed and quite normal, beyond extreme.
  • Colors should be restrained, but also monochrome (black and white).
  • Images should be in a resolution that also allows for detailed printing.

If we are portraying a village, then we go for a walk, a walk, a walk. We stay there and use the morning and evening hours.

If we discover a place that better suits the picture at a different time of the day or weather, we’ll just come back.

We come back so often and take pictures until the series meets our requirements. If we want to record the place, the community, with all its seasons, we stop the series only when the first snow has fallen.

We are committed to the nature of the recordings only our conscience and the panoramic freedom.

Recordings are only made when we can look through the viewfinder in person, our perspective is always at eye level.

We show here our pictures from the Swedish community Figeholm, which were created in the summer at noon in sunny weather.

[nggallery id=5]

In fact, there are no 36 pictures. Not yet. Because not all 36 pictures have been promised to us. That’s why we come back. Until we have all captured our impressions and meet our requirements.

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