Småland consists of numerous unknown but very charming villages. Especially on the coast, they always offer picturesque retreats. has visited such a village and presents it here.

Figeholm – the beautiful coast of Småland

Småland connects many people with Astrid Lindgren and Vimmerby. During our visit to Figeholm, near the small port town of Oskarshamn, we discover that Småland has a very magical coastal and archipelago landscape.

About 10 kilometers from Oskarshamn is the small central town (place of action) Figeholm. It belongs to the municipality of Oskarskamn and is located in the province of Kalmar Län. Just behind the village, separated only by a strip of forest, is Europastraße 22. Around 730 people live in Figeholm.

The beautiful village has achieved a certain level of prosperity, above all thanks to the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant not far from the town, but also thanks to the Figeholm paper mill and a branch of the ABB technology group. This is evident in the well-kept properties and grounds and the relaxed tranquility that spreads across the town.

Above all, however, the archipelago off the shores of the village has given it its special character. Numerous islands offer a sheltered harbor for sports and sailing boats. And so we regularly meet people from all sorts of countries here.

A small boat club was founded over 70 years ago and still exists today. But Figeholm’s history goes back even further. Even in the 19th century, Figeholm was a very busy and lively sailing port. Numerous large sailing ships and even more small cargo ships moored here. They supplied the northern coastal cities and also Stockholm with firewood from the forested Småland. By the way, the smallest market town in Sweden flourished between 1950 and 1950. At that time there were also some shipyards and warehouses in Figeholm. The remaining warehouse now serves as a small regional museum.

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