In the very south of the island is the fishing place Faludden Fiskeläge, which belongs to the preserved Fiskeläge on Gotland. We visited her and portrayed her with the Kodak Ektar.

At the end of the road, a forgotten Fiskeläge on Gotland – fishing place Faludden Fiskeläge

Anyone who wants to discover the fishing settlement Faludden Fiskeläge in search of the Fiskeläge on Gotland will eventually come to a secluded gravel road that leads through the middle of the flat pasture landscape. Isolated cows graze on this barren ground and visibly leads the way straight to a military facility leads. Occasionally half-abandoned farms line the narrow path lined with stone walls.

At the end of the way to the fishing place Faludden Fiskeläge waits a small parking lot, as well numerous signs, that the military establishment may not be photographed. You should definitely stick to it, if you want to visit more Fiskeläge on Gotland.

From the parking lot it is only possible to walk the last 100 meters to the Faludden Fiskeläge and the lighthouse Faludden fyr. The latter is however in the middle of the military area and can not be visited.

Of course, on our journey to the Gotland Fiskeläge, we will stick to the local military photography ban, even if it is sometimes too tempting. The mud-clad huts of the Faludden Fiskeläge are motive enough for us and it also has something to do with respect for the host country to respect such guidelines.

The clay-clad stone huts of the Faludden Fiskeläge have resisted wind and weather here for over 100 years, the storms can be a challenge here. Long ago, the Faludden Fiskeläge accommodations are no longer used by fishermen, but rather serve as leisure accommodations.

The landscape around the Faludden Fiskeläge is for the most part nature and bird sanctuary and must not be entered from mid-March to the end of June. The environment is sparse and shallow, trees are looked for in vain. You’d think the Faludden Fiskeläge were on the edge of a savannah.

The lighthouse Faludden Fyr is no longer in operation since 2009, but as I said in the military restricted area. We were able to photograph him without showing the surroundings. However, it can happen that you are controlled. Once we had such control in Norway, it was fruitless because we followed the rules, but it was unpleasant and very time-consuming.

If you visit the off-route Fiskeläge on Gotland, such as the Faludden Fiskeläge, you will often get to know a completely different side of Gotland, in this case the southern surroundings near the area of ​​Burgsvik on Gotland.

The photos of the Faludden Fiskeläge were recorded analogously with Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph. on Kodak Ektar

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