Dull prospects for Leica lenses

If we thought that Leica lenses would work towards sunny times, we had the experience that the weather but the wind turned the wind can also blow against the Leica products. But even drizzle and rain should not lead to packaging the camera well protected and waiting for the next ray of sunshine.

Yes, there are, the gray days when you hardly dare to go outside. And there are them, the motives that simply do not appeal in the unitary gray. But especially in such situations, it is time to go on an expedition. For here, on the one hand, the ability to observe on the one hand and the power of an objective on the other are apparent.

Striking here is the serious difference to digitally correcting lenses. Finest resolution options of high-quality lenses let the pictures look very vivid even in dull moods and thus provide the necessary tension.

We do not want to claim that Leica has a sole claim to such quality, but we have had very good experiences with these products and therefore simply enjoy photography.

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