fdb mobler hestedækken Horse Rug Cushin

From horse blankets to sofa cushions - the story of the R 16 Hestedækken Horse Rug by FDB Møbler

The Danish Guard needed horse blankets. The Royal Military Garment Factory was there for such tasks. Everything that was needed for the Danish military, the navy and the royal guard was designed and produced there. And so the Royal Military Clothing Factory developed horse rugs for the Royal Guard in a red, white, and blue woven design. The R16 Hestedækken was born.

Gravensteiner Apfel, Gråsten Aeble, Apple-Logo

From the Gravensteiner Äble to the international Apple logo

The logo of a bitten apple is world famous. But what does the design and brand name relate to? In southern Denmark we found the answer and tell the story of the Apple logo.

First part: South Jutland (Sønderjylland, Nordschleswig)

Anyone who raves about Denmark usually thinks of pictures of the North Sea coast or the capital Copenhagen. We will discover Denmark from a completely different perspective and start with South Jutland / Sønderjylland (North Schleswig) and its unique border region.

We describe the border crossings with their stories and travel on foot, by bike or by car from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea. We will stop inland with its often unknown treasures.

We will slowly work our way north and tell the places and stories here. Welcome to Denmark.

Along the Germany – Denmark border

Flensburger Förde, Ziegeleien, Leica SL 75mm

Flensburg Fjord

The border between Germany and Denmark runs right through the Flensburg Fjord. We travel along the Flensburg Fjord

Rudbøl, Grenzübergänge Dänemark Deutschland, Grænseovergange Tyskland Danmark

Border crossings Germany-Denmark

All border crossings between Germany and Denmark with their unique stories

Grenzübergang Schusterkate, Grænseovergang Skomagerhus, Grænseovergange Tyskland-Danmark, , Gendarmstien


The Gendarmstien is Denmark's most popular hiking trail in the footsteps of the border guards along the Danish Flensburg Fjord to Pattburg / Padborg

Møgeltønder, Mögeltondern, Grænseruten, Grenzroute

Border route

The border route, together with the North Baltic Sea Cycle Route, is an exciting cycle route on both sides of the Germany-Denmark border

Hof Dreisprung, Nord-Ostsee-Radweg, Rodenäs

North-Baltic Sea Cycle Route

The North Baltic Sea Cycle Route in the Germany-Denmark border region is a shorter alternative to the border route. An exciting journey of discovery for drivers too

Rickelsbüller Koog, Margarethe Kog, Norddeich-Sieltoft,

Rickelsbüller Koog / Margarethe Kog

The Rickelsbüller Koog / Margarethe Kog is the result of a German-Danish dike construction project on the North Sea ...

Højer Mølle Museum, Hoyer Windmühle Museum, hoyer windmill

Hoyer / Højer

The Danish village behind the dykes - a rather unknown pearl on the North Sea is just awakening from its sleep and ...

Løgumkloster, Lügumkloster,

Lügumkloster / Løgumkloster

Lügumkloster / Løgumkloster is mainly known for its dreamlike monastery and church. But still has a lot ...

Møgeltønder, Mögeltondern, Grænseruten, Grenzroute,


We visit the small Danish museum village Møgeltonder near Tondern. Allegedly there is the most beautiful street in Denmark here, but certainly a wonderful royal castle

Tønder, Tondern, Nordschleswig

Tønder / Tondern

Tondern / Tønder is one of the oldest towns in Denmark and is now a popular shopping town near the border with Germany ...

Rudbøl, Grenzübergang Rosenkranz. Grænse Rudbøl, Ruttebüller See

Ruttebüll / Rudbøl

The Germany-Denmark border runs through the middle of Rudbøl Sø (Ruttebüller See) and in the middle of the road. Welcome to the beautiful border town ...

Burkal Kirke, Emil Nolde, Grenzroute, Grænseruten,, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph.

The church in the birthplace of Emil Nolde: The Burkal Kirke

Emil Nolde comes from what is now Denmark, more precisely from Nolde ...

Tinglev, Leica M 2.8 28 asph.


We visit the central town of Tinglev, north-west of Krusau and Pattburg / Padborg, and we are surprised by the diversity that this, by Danish standards, inconspicuous neighborhood offers us. Tinglev has it all

Padborg, Pattburg

Padborg / Pattburg

But then came the railroad between Flensburg and Fredericia. Today's Padborg / Pattburg was built around the local train station overnight.

Kodak Tri X - Leica M Elmarit 28 asph. Fröslevlejren | © mare.photo


The former concentration camp near Pattburg / Padborg is now a museum and meeting place with numerous exciting exhibitions on ...

Oldemorstoft, Padborg, Bov, Gendarmstien

Borderland Museum Oldemorstoft Padborg

In the middle of Pattburg / Padborg is the tranquil borderland museum Oldesmorstoft with its own history in the borderland

Bov, Nord-Ostsee-Radweg, Grenzroute, Gendarmstien


in preparation

Krusau, Kruså, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph

Krusau / Kruså

Krusau / Kruså was once the most important border town between Denmark and Germany and has had an eventful history to this day ...


Blåvandshuk fyr danmark, Kodak Portra 160, Leica Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph. | © mare.photo

Lighthouse Blavandhuk Fyr

Blavandhuk is the westernmost point of Denmark and is located in the popular area of ​​Blavand with its endless beach

Municipalities in Jutland

Tønder, Tondern

Tondern / Tønder

One of the most beautiful small towns and maybe the oldest city in Denmark? Whether festival of music or cakes, whether ...

Apenrade, Aabenraa, Åbenrå, Dänemark, Denmark, Danmark

Apenrade / Aabenraa

Aabenraa / Aabenraa is the center of the municipality of the same name and is located directly on the Baltic Sea as a dreamy small town ...

Sønderborg, Sonderburg, Gendarmstien, Flensburger Förde

Sonderburg / Sønderborg

Sønderborg / Sønderborg is certainly the most beautiful town along the Flensburg Fjord ...

Haderslev, Hadersleben, Marina, Leica M 2.8 28 asph.

Hadersleben / Haderslev

A cathedral city that is very popular with insiders and not so small at all on the picturesque Baltic Sea fjord ...

Along the North Sea

Højer Sluse, Hoyer Schleuse,

Hoyer / Højer

The small village behind the dykes, Hoyer / Højer was once a landing stage for the island of Sylt before the Hindenburg dam was built.

Højer Mølle Museum, Hoyer Windmühle Museum, hoyer windmill

Hoyer Mill / Højer Mølle

The windmill in Hoyer / Højer is the largest wooden windmill in Europe and is definitely worth a visit ...

BÅDFOLK VED VIDÅEN, Højer, Hoyer, Vidå, Sluse

Bådfolk ved Vidåen

The small open-air museum "Bådfolk ved Vidåen" Hoyer (Højer) is only a few meters east of the old lock on the Vidå, also called "Wiedau" in German.

Along the Baltic Sea (Jutland)

Krusau, Kruså, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph

Border town Krusau / Kruså

The most important border crossing between Germany and Denmark was once located in Krusau / Kruså on the border river of the same name ...

Kollund, Gendarmstien


Kollund is one of the most beautiful places to live in southern Denmark and is located directly on the Flensburg Fjord ...

Ochseninseln, Okseøer, Leica SL 75mm

The Ox Islands

The Ox Islands in the middle of the Flensburg Fjord are a fascinating nature reserve on the Danish side near Annis hot dog stand at Sønderhav ...

Mekanisk Museum Kruså, Oldtimermuseum Krusau, Leica SL 75mm f2 | © mare.photo

Mekanisk Museum Sønderjylland

The Mekanisk Museum Sønderjylland is one of the most beautiful tractor and vintage museums and is close by.

Egernsund, Gendarmstien

Egernsund artists' colony

The small town of Egernsund is the center of the remaining brickworks on the Flensburg Fjord and was an artists' colony in turbulent times ...

Gråsten, Gravenstein, Leica M 2.8 / 28 asph.

Gravenstein / Gråsten

A city tour through the small picturesque town in Denmark with its royal castle and famous apple ...

Stranderød, Gendarmstien, Flensburger Förde, Leica SL 24-70mm


Just 25 kilometers northeast of Flensburg is the small, picturesque Stranderød on the Flensburg Fjord ...

Broager, Gendarmstien, Flensburger Förde


The Danish Broager on the Broagerland peninsula can be seen from afar through the twin towers of its church ...

Museum Tegelværk Cathrinesminde Broager, Gendarmstien

Brickworks Museum Cathrinesminde Teglværk

The Cathriesminde Brickwork Museum on the ...

Vemmingbund, Gendarmstien, Leica M Elmarit 2.8 28 asph. | © mare.photo

Vemmingbund Strand

With its natural beach, Vemmingbund is a real insider tip along the Gendarmstien .....

Dybol Schanke, Düppeler Schanzen, 1864, Kodak Portra 160

Düppeler Schanzen / Dybøl Banke

The Düppeler Schanzen are the site of a bloody event in 1864 between ...

Sønderborg, Sonderburg, Gendarmstien, Flensburger Förde

Sonderburg / Sønderborg

Sønderborg is the city of two faces. Tradition meets modernity and makes this ...

Høruphav, Gendarmstien, Flensburger Förde, Leica M 2.8 28 asph.


Høruphav is an old fishing village and today a maritime meeting place for recreational boaters on the Flensburg Fjord

Torpedo Station Hørup Klint

Høruphav torpedo station

If you didn't know, you wouldn't even notice the few remaining traces in Hørupklint. Wasn't there a big torpedo station here?

Vibæk Mølle, Høruphav, Leica SL 75mm, Gendarmstien

Vibæk Mill Sydals

The small mill village Vibæk Mølle gives an insight into the mill operation until the 1970s and is located on Gedarmstien near Høruphav ...

Gendarmstien, Skovby, Flensburger Förde, Høruo Hav

Skovby on Gendarmstien

Skovby is the current starting point and destination of the popular Gendarmstien ...

Leuchtturm Kegnæs Fyr, Drejby, Gendarmstien, Leica SL 2.0 75mm asph.

Lighthouse Kegnæs Fyr

Together with the Falshöft lighthouse, Kegnæs Fyr secures the entry into the Flensburg Fjord. We got him...

Bootshaus Siegfried Lenz, Gendarmstien, Flensborg Fjord

Siegfried Lenz boathouse

Some of Siegfried Lenz's famous works were created in the small boathouse near Høruphav ...

Als, Kegnæs, Drejby, Gendarmstien, Leica SL 2.0 75mm asph.

Kegnæs peninsula

The Kegnæs peninsula is perhaps something like Sylt the North Sea, only with understatement and very family-oriented ....

More sights and museums in South Denmark / Sønderjylland

Grasten Slot, Gravenstein Schloss, Leica SL 24-70mm, der königliche Küchengartenn

Gråsten Kitchen Garden at Gravenstein Castle

Where does the Danish queen get her healthy food from? From her own garden. We visit this new attraction, the kitchen garden Gråsten

Grasten Slot, Gravenstein Schloss, Leica SL 24-70mm

Gråsten Castle / Gravenstein

Every summer the Danish Queen comes to her summer residence at Gråsten Castle. We introduce:

Tørning Mølle, Vojens, Leica SL 75mm

Tørning Mill

There was once a lively industrial area between Vojens and Hadersleben. The engine of the numerous factories was Tørnig Mølle. Today it is a relaxed excursion destination in the countryside ...

Tørninggård Landbruksmuseum, DK, Leica SL 75mm

Farmmuseum / Landbruksmuseum Tørninggård Vojens

In addition to Tørning Mølle, there is also the Landbruksmuseum Tørninggård near Vojens near Hadersleben. Over 3000 exhibits lead us into the past ...

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