Black and White Dreams – Kodak Tri X 400 meets true legends

Kodak Tri X + Leica Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph. | ©

At a unique exhibition in the Zeithaus of the Volkswagen Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany, I meet the famous Jaguar E-Type, which already captivated me as a little boy. With me, my Leica M with the Kodak Tri X. A time travel of a very special kind begins.

Kodak Tri X 400 meets Jaguar E-Type – Porsche 911

It is the year 1961, when the Jaguar E-Type comes on the market. Only seven years earlier, the career of the feature film Kodak Tri X 400 starts. Sometime in the 1970s, a little boy goes for a walk with his parents and siblings on a Sunday afternoon. He got a small shoulder bag, which he carries proudly. On the way he opens this bag and finds in her a small Jaguar E-Type by Siku in light turquoise. For him, it is the first car that consciously belongs to him.

Kodak Tri X + Leica Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph. | ©

Kodak Tri X + Leica Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph. | ©

This car should henceforth be remembered as one of his favorite automobiles. And of course he is also enthusiastic about the Porsche 911, which he gets as the first kit from Rewell.

Now we are in the Autostadt, visit the Zeithaus with its most legendary car models in automotive history. Since I meet these two cars whose toy models I like to remember to this day and continue to inspire me, although I am closer to a VW minibus than a sports car.

At that time, I kept the two models in front of my eyes, looking at them from all sides. Today I’m going to my knees to look at these legendary vehicles from the same perspective and to dream a little bit.

Just as legendary and so popular today is the Kodak Tri X 400, which I inserted into the Leica M7. As lens I choose the Elmarit M 2.8 / 28 asph. new and set it to enhance the contrast of an orange filter. I hide the lens to 2.8, just to be able to photograph from the hand, but also to use the shallow depth of field. It only takes a few pictures to take the memory of this moment home.


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