Architecture in Norway | & nbsp; Heddal Stave Church (Heddal Stavkirke) – the largest stave church in Norway

We feel like some places in Norway are in a land of legends or fairy tales. Especially when we come across one of these fascinating and mystical churches from the Viking era … & nbsp; Stave churches are centuries-old cultural assets in Norway. One of the most famous stave churches is Borgund stave church. But today we visit the largest stave church in Norway, Heddal stave church near Notodden in Telemark. By the way, stave church is written in Norwegian “Stavkirke” and as plural “Stavkirker”.

Somehow we like to associate Norway with the fjords, the trolls or the North Cape in the classic, romantic, transfigured sense. In any case, the optically legendary churches of the Viking Age, the stave churches, are also part of it.

A trip to such a place of worship as the Heddal Stavkirke becomes a real journey through time, in which the old stone churches in Norway or wooden churches Look very modern and bright in Norway.

It is made of wood, consists of wooden beams with carved figures and a roof covered with wooden shingles. Inside, the stave churches in Norway are dark and cool, including the Heddal stave church.

Quaint, mystical, fascinating, from a time of Christianization, in which pagan influences were still found in the design of the stave churches in Norway mixed. Correspondingly, there are old runic writings or sculptures. Heddal stave church is also lavishly decorated with such inlays and monuments.

The Heddal stave church has a side dimension of about 20 meters, it comes to a proud height of 28 meters. According to a runic inscription, Heddal stave church was consecrated on October 25, 1242.

According to a legend, the troll Finn from nearby Svintruberg built this church in just three days. But so are the Norwegians – pretty self-confident!

At some point people came up with the idea of ​​modernizing Heddal stave church. Between 1849 and 1851, large, light-flooded windows were installed and the interior was modernized. But almost 100 years later, the beginnings of this church were remembered and all these changes were removed in 1954. This kept the original condition.

Word got around and today the Heddal stave church near Notodden is one of the most frequently visited sights in Norway. The rectory is located directly opposite the stave church. Here you can buy tickets for a tour, but also souvenirs and postcards and thus contribute to the preservation of this church. The church remains closed in the winter months.

A small, beautiful open-air museum is within sight of the church. There is also an equally small, leisurely hiking trail above the wooden church. Here one discovers another legend about the creation of this Gothic cathedral on a notice board. Here, too, a troll plays the main role. From the hiking trail there is a wonderful view of the stave church in the nearby valley, after all the largest stave church in Norway.

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