Kollund Naturunivers im Schnee, Winter an der Flensburger Förde

Kollund in the snow - winter on the Flensburg Fjord

Kollund in the snow. Certainly a special moment in winter on the Flensburg Fjord. We are at the Naturunivers Kollund and walking relaxed on the Hjertesti...


Hamburg - my city

A touching story of longing that will not let go of the author and will keep you coming back to Hamburg to the pier, to the Elbe. One of the many stories that life writes. Analogue photographed with a Leica M and Kodak Tmax 100

Kollund / Krusau, Leica SL 2.8 24-70mm

Kollund at Night – Part I

We portray the small town of Kollund on the Flensburg Fjord in the dark and want to find out whether we can discover new perspectives and perspectives. Spontaneously we set off and discover a new side of Kollund.

Kollund, Krusau, Leica SL 24-70mm

Kollund at Night – Part II

Another walk through Kollund with the camera and already more experience with the technology of the camera and a feeling for certain lighting situations

Kollund by Night, Leica SL 2.8 24-70mm

Kollund at Night – PArt III

We can't help but tour the small town of Kollund with our cameras in the dark. One of the most beautiful roads in Denmark, Fjordvej, begins here. New acoustic experiences are added to our visual impressions.

Kollund (Krusau, Kruså), Leica SL 2.8 24-70mm

Kollund at Night – Part IV

After a rainy day we set off again and visit a more distant part of Kollund. We reveal a little about our behavior, used focal lengths and exposures ...

Photography is the sadness of passing time and the need to capture a few moments – there are formal emotions caused by light or form, sentimental or sensual ones triggered by people be, and purely intellectual.

Photography can unite them and create new ones out of them … Photography is inextricably linked with the time it captures, with the time that flows between the fingers, between the moments, with the time of things and people, of light and feelings. Time will never be what it was again.

Jeanloup Sieff

Leica M Summilux 1.4 50 asph.

In the hand the new smartphone and in the heart an old boat

Everything was better before. You had time and peace, a secure existence, worked in architecturally sophisticated factory buildings and sat in a cozy barrack that housed the canteen. At least for a moment you long to go back to this time - regardless of whether you experienced it yourself or from your grandfather. The privations from the epoch are at the bottom of this longing. We indulge in romance.

Kieft & Klok, Leica SL 2.8 24-70mm

When dreams come true: Kieft & Klok

Whoever's heart beats for the old VW cannot ignore a name. Kieft & Klok in Renkum near Arnhem in the Netherlands, these are two friends who got together before the year 2000 to set up a workshop for the historic vehicles from Wolfsburg.

Mekanisk Museum Sønderjylland Kruså, Krusau, Landwirtschaftliches Museum Dänemark, Museen im Grenzland Dänemark Deutschland, Leica SL APO 2.0 75mm asph.

Mekanisk Museum Sønderjylland i Krusau

I am just as enthusiastic about old functioning mechanics as about old construction machines or tractors. Now we have heard of the Mekanisk Museum Sønderjylland near Flensburg, we pack the kids and the bowling and are on our way.

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.

Dorothea Lange

Mekanisk Museum Krusau, Leica SL 2.8 24-70mm

How do I photograph classic cars

Today we went to the Mekanisk Museum Sønderjylland on the spur of the moment. We're lucky because it's just 10 kilometers from our home. But it is so exciting that people from large parts of Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway make a pilgrimage here on the last weekend in July - for the open house. In the approximately 1,600 square meter hall there are so many treasures that you cannot identify every vehicle can offer adequate space. But how do I take photos in an exhibition in which the wonderful and rare historical vehicles are crowded together and are often poorly lit?

Geschichte des Cafés, Kodak Portra 160, Leica M Makro Elmar 90

The history of the café

For a long time, cafes were the special meeting place to take a break, drink a fresh coffee and maybe read a newspaper or have a chat. Even today there are these small and larger coffee houses and they are looking forward to growing popularity again. But since when have there been cafes?

Kodak Ektar, Leica Elmarit M 2.8 28 asph.,Kjerringøy, Karlsøfjord | © mare.photo

Fresh air in 10 × 15 Get out into the cinema in your head

Images, whether sketches, paintings or photos, ideally tell a story. Above all, they tell an authentic story if they are also authentic themselves. Anything but arranged.

Ultimately, photography is all about who you are. It is the search for truth in relation to yourself. And the search for truth becomes a habit.

Leonard Freed

Kodak Tri X, Autostadt Wolfsburg

Concrete for the soul

Architecture, that is the term for the design of a room, a building, according to practical and creative aspects. You can argue about their implementation or leave it alone. One is impressed, bored or horrified by the visible architecture. As a rule, the created building is conveyed to the consumer via an image ...

Gorgnetak Norge, Varangerfjord, Beton, Kodak Ektar, Leica Elmarit 2.8 28 asph. | © mare.photo

Concrete for the senses

On our multi-month tour through Norway, we encounter the most innovative rest areas in the most remote areas. They come from everything else than one imagines the architecture in Norway to be romanticized for tourists. In the far north of Norway, when we stop at the Gorgnetak rest stop, we come across concrete, exposed concrete.

Beton Bunker in Dänenark - Kodak Tri X | © mare.photo

Concrete for the ages

There are architectures that are meant to last forever. But nobody wants them. Not here in the now. And certainly not in eternity. Even if it feels like a concrete plague, it's architecture. We are photographing one of the largest structures of the 20th century, the Atlantic Wall.

Don’t photograph what it looks like, but how it feels.

David Alan Harvey

Schäferwagen Manufaktur Oersberg, Leica SL 75mm

The shepherd's car manufacture in Oersberg

You can find them again and again - in Lower Saxony as in Schleswig-Holstein. Whether as bathing carts, shepherds' wagons, sauna wagons, garden sheds, beach church or DLRG base - the shepherds wagons from the Schäferwagen-Manufaktur in Oersberg. We often drive past the former smithy in Oersberg. Always with a smile when we see these wonderful vehicles with the beautiful spoked wheels. Reason enough to finally stop and see the shepherd's wagons Get to know the manufactory in Oersberg.

Up Art Sörup Winderatt, Leica SL 75mm

Fine porcelain from Schleswig-Holstein - a visit to the Up-art studio in Winderatt, Sörup

When you think of porcelain, the Free State of Saxony, Saarland, Berlin or even China come to mind. The fine porcelain from Schleswig-Holstein is less well known. This is created in the Up-art studio in Winderatt, a small village about 20 kilometers south of Flensburg. We visit this small artist workshop where every single object is made by hand. In loose sequences we present the Up-art-Atelier in Winderatt, Sörup and give insights into the production of ivory-colored Limoges porcelain.

We are changing from a world of words to a world of images. Therefore, photographers need to recognize their growing role as mediators and storytellers. This task is not easy to accomplish, but it must be accomplished if still photography is to remain interesting and powerful.

Paul Hosefros, chief photographer of the New York Times

Rum Museum Flensburg, Rom Museum Flensborg, Leica SL 75mm

Rum without fame - from the rum city of Flensburg

Flensburg is widely known not only for its points in the traffic offender register, but also as a rum city. But how did the once Danish port city of Flensburg get its fame with rum and who paid for the success of the Flensburg merchants? We visit the Rum Museum Flensburg and discover one of the best installations that we have ever been able to experience in a museum.

What I call photography, finding the truth with lenses and a camera, is old-fashioned and is dying of digital technology.

Jim Rakete


Long-wave transmitter Grimeton - the world heritage radio station Grimeton

Whether longest-wave transmitter Grimeton or long-wave transmitter Grimeton, we visited and portrayed the Grimeton radio station, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sweden. We got to the bottom of the history of the long-wave transmitter Grimeton ...


A visit to the Grimeton radio station - this is how long waves are created

Who still remembers the radios with their broadband reception, the transistors and the pointer that gets to the right frequency by turning one of the round buttons and, depending on the choice, gets one of the worldwide stations?


Radio station Grimeton: The Alternator

The heart of the Grimeton radio station is a gigantic generator named after its Swedish inventor. We introduce the alternator, which is more like a hell machine than a long wave generator. We took analogue photos on Kodak Tri X ...

There will be times when you are out on the field without a camera. And then you will experience the most glorious sunset or the most beautiful scene that you have ever seen. Don’t be bitter because you can’t absorb it. Sit down, sink into it and enjoy it!



Fresvik - the small village by the fjord

From Vik a narrow road leads along a branch of the Sognefjord. Halfway the ferry waits for the crossing to Balestrand. But we keep going until we can't go any further. And after about 30 kilometers you come to the small village of Fresvik. A village where, by Norwegian standards, poverty is still at home today. But that doesn't change the happiness of the people who live here.

Slettnes Fyr Nordkinn Nordky, Gamvik, Barentssea

The northernmost lighthouse in the world

Slettnes Fyr lighthouse is the world's northernmost lighthouse ever built on the mainland. We have made an appointment right here and meet young people whom we did not expect in this seclusion


Veines - simple and beautiful

On the way to the Ice Sea Road to Berlevåg we pass through the small fishing village of Kongsfjord (Finnmark). Not that we spontaneously fell in love with this small fishing village, its arctic beauty increases in the one just a few hundred meters away ...


A kitchen garden for the queen

He is still quite young and not very spectacular. And yet it brings us a little way back to our roots - the kitchen garden at Gråsten / Gravenstein Castle. Everything that ...


Tørningmølle at Vøjens

Today we visit one of the most impressive industrial monuments in southern Denmark - the Tørning Mølle in Vojens, only 12 kilometers west of Hadersleben (Haderslev) ...

Landbruksmuseum Vojens, Tørninggård, Leica SL 2.0 75mm

Landbruksmuseum Tørninggård

We are near Hadersleben (Haderslev) and after visiting the old watermill Tørning Mølle we discover the Tørninggård Landbruksmuseum just 400 meters away ...